BOSSIESTROOP GIN, 500 ml, 46 % abv


The Cape was founded by Jan van Riebeeck on 6 April 1652 as a halfway house and supply station for the Dutch East India Company during the height of the spice race.
Because no sugarcane was grown in the Cape the Khoi-Khoi learned the Dutch how to harvest or milk the Suikerbossie Protea (known as Sugarbush) for its “honey nectar”. This nectar was then boiled into a syrup called “bossiestroop” that was used as a sweetener in food or drink and even used as a cough medicine or sugar alternative for diabetics. There was even a folk song written that was sang during harvesting of the nectar, and recognised today as “ Suikerbos ek wil jou he”.

When making our Protea Gin we harvest the nectar from Suikerbossie flowers by hand, squeezing the flower gently without damaging it. We also macerate the King Protea to provide an additional floral layer to this soft and syrup like Gin.

Each of the thirteen botanicals are macerated separately in the rectified grain neutral spirit at 50% abv for between 4 – 6 weeks to ensure that as much flavour as possible is extracted. These macerated botanicals are then individually distilled using a custom 10-liter glass vacuum distillation column.
Vacuum distillation involves reducing the pressure and therefore lowering the temperature within the boiler to below 20 °C, causing the macerated spirit to ‘boil’ and turn to vapour. The vapour moves through the condenser where the lower boiling essential oils called terpenes are collected at to -89°C with dry ice (solid CO2). 

The Thirteen individual botanical blends are diluted with reverse osmosis water and blended back together to form the one of a kind Bossiestroop Gin.